University of Rochester, School of Medicine Bursar

 General Purpose:

Under the general direction of the Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration with a dotted reporting line to the University Bursar, the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, and with considerable latitude for exercise of independent judgment,

  • Plan, direct and manage the policies and procedures related to the accounting and reporting of student income and receivables,
  • Manage the collection of student tuition and fees, including the collection of delinquent accounts for students
  • Participate in the implementation, development and management of the University of Rochester’s  comprehensive student information system (UR Student);
  • Manage the SMD Bursar’s Office
  • Ensure accurate and complete disbursement of all types of financial aid and appropriate refunds for all medical and graduate students
  • Participate in the management of the Office for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs and collaborate closely with graduate program coordinators
  • Participate in the management of the Offices for Medical Education 
  • Represent SMD in matters relating to the billing, accounting, and student information systems
  • Provide requisite counseling and consumer information to students, parents, staff and administration.

 Specific Responsibilities: Under general direction, and with considerable latitude for independent judgment and action with decisions guided by general policies:


  • Plan, develop and recommend institutional tuition and fees policies, guidelines and procedures for the School of Medicine and Dentistry, assuring in every instance compliance with all relevant institutional, state and federal regulations. 
  • Accountable for interactions with internal and external auditors, and assuring the accuracy, completeness and viability of necessary electronic and hard copy record- keeping to support audit requirements. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of billing systems and financial aid disbursement systems and the related “feeder” systems from other areas of the school.  Develop and implement necessary changes.
  • Maintain and reconcile financial aid and tuition accounts for medical and graduate students.
  • In addition to policy responsibility in the Bursar and Financial Aid areas, exerts influence on policies in other Medical center and University areas across campus lines.
  • Consult and collaborate with the University Bursar in all matters directly related to billing, collections, accounting, reporting and disbursement of all types of student assistance to ensure compliance with all relevant institutional, state and federal regulations.


  • Manage the staff and daily operations of the SMD Bursar’s Office and participate in the management of the SMD Student Services areas as a member of the student services directors’ team for the Offices for Medical Education and the Office for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs. 
  • Responsible for over $45 million in receivables, and assuring the proper crediting to student and university accounts and, and the disbursement of financial aid including graduate tuition awards and other benefits and refunds for all medical and graduate students. 
  • Requires collaboration with the SMH Cashier’s Office, the SMD Financial Aid Office, and Budget Office, the Medical Center institutional offices, Central Finance and Information Technology. 
  • Also requires the development of a comprehensive knowledge of the financial record system of the University (URFinancials) as well as the billing functionality and reporting capabilities of the student information system and
  • a complete working knowledge of the systems and procedures of the many offices with which the Bursar must regularly interact, as mentioned above, including exerting influence on policies in these areas (for example, negotiating group package rates for various student activities or services and forging new reconciliation procedures for federal accounts).


  • Manage billing for all students in the SMD to assure efficient, cost-effective management of both the medical and graduate student billing functions and accurate accounting and reporting of student-generated receivables and related disbursements. 
  • Determine all charges for medical and graduate students and manage crediting of receivables. 
  • Determine and authorize disbursement of all student refunds. 
  • Communicate with and bill numerous outside agencies which provide support to students. 
  • Administer the Emergency Short Term Loan program of the SMD, counseling students and approving loans and arranging disbursement, collection and all related monitoring.
  • This includes responsibility for the preparation of published consumer information regarding tuition, fees, refund policies, etc. and the counseling of students, parents, staff and outside agencies on policy and procedural matters related to the student billing system, and serving as the primary source of information for students and others seeking clarification of billing policies for which the Bursar is responsible.


  • Completes validation of financial information and reconciles with enrollment data on a monthly basis.
  • Provides ad hoc reporting to SMD Finance as needed.
  • Represent SMD in the planning, selection and implementation of policies and decisions related to software design and system selection as older systems are replaced. 
  • Engage in network planning with other policy level managers in the Medical Center and the University.


  • Participate in appropriate professional organizations and professional development activities, including representing SMD in the New York State Organization of Bursars and Business Administrators as well as in national organizations such as NACUBO, EARMA, IVY PLUS to develop and maintain the broad professional expertise required in this position. 

 Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline with four years of experience and two years of supervisory responsibility or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Higher education experience and accounting skills preferred.

 Note:  This document describes typical duties and responsibilities and is not intended to restrict the assignment of other work as required.